Medium pressure lamps for surface disinfection

The germicidal lamps from Aladin distinguish themselves by very high inactivation rates on microorganism. Especially for the irradiation of mould spores the high intensity of UVC is of great advantage. High deactivation can be achieved within parts of a second on very resistant microorganism.
Arc length up to 2 meter and power ranges of 236 W/cm, medium pressure lamps allow them to be used where space is very tight.
Special quartz can be used for minimized ozone production with very high UVC output.
In combination with the UVATEC system, made by Dr. Hönle AG, the lamps are used in waterproofed stainless steel  casing.

For further information please refer to the homepage from Dr. Hönle AG.

Example applications:

  • Cups / pots 
  • Bottles
  • PET preforms
  • Lids 
  • Packaging films
  • Plastics 
  • Screw caps